2 Former Obama Officials Just Revealed Obama’s Disturbing Secret That Has Tormented Them For Years

In a huge break from political tradition two Barack Hussein Obama officials came out this week to criticize their former boss. And to give kudos to President Donald Trump’s leadership in dealing with Syria.

Former National Obama National Security Official, Barry Pavel went on to state;

“In Syria, a major mistake was treating it like a humanitarian crisis, when it was a major national security crisis that has caused destabilization of our closest allies in Europe. Syria has been a source of terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States and future attacks. I worry about that very much”

“Because they knew that the Obama administration would never use military force for any purpose, they felt free to conduct their coercive actions in the South China Seas, the Russians went into Iran and Syria and North Korea accelerated their nuclear arms program. I think the Trump administration is putting the world on notice. The U.S. can use military force to achieve particular goals without getting mired in a protracted conflict”

Gary Samora, Obama’s weapons of mass destruction coordinator, went on to add;

“Obama was too hesitant and too guided by a belief that dialogue was the way to deal with rogue leaders. I applaud Trump. It was the kind of strike that Obama was planning — a limited military attack against the airfields in order to deter Assad from carrying out additional chemical weapons attacks, but he decided not to use it. Obama made a huge mistake by saying he was going to go to Congress for authorization, it turned out he did not have the votes. Trump was very smart to do it without congressional support”

This folks is what those of us with a functioning IQ of over 80 have been saying since day one of the President Barack Hussein Obama Administration. When the President of the United State of America starts his administration with an apology tour things won’t end well in the world. When America is weak every two-bit murdering dictator scumbag in the world gets out of line. I’m all too familiar with the fact we, as a nation, are broke. But we also can’t afford to let the world’s criminals run amuck. We tried that for the first part of World War 2 and 11 million innocent souls lost their lives because of it.

I’m all too familiar with the fact we, as a nation, are broke. But we also can’t afford to let the world’s criminals run amuck. We tried this for the first part of World War 2 and 11 million innocent souls lost their lives because of it.

We are the most generous and kind nation ever known to man. We liberated the French when our brave young men descended on the beaches of Normandy, France on D-Day. All we asked for as payment was a place to bury our dead. No other nation in history has ever done that.

The Cold War wasn’t won by sending Mikael Gorbachev an apology. President Ronald Reagan stood his ground and didn’t put up with any shenanigans from the Soviet Union. At The Reykjavik Summit, President Reagan even went as far as walking out of the meeting when Gorbachev started altering the deal to benefit the now-defunct Soviet Union.

Although the left accused President Reagan of trying to start the World War 3 and of being a terrorist, he won the Cold War without ever firing a shot. His famous “Peace Through Strength” motto worked.

Today we once again have a real leader. One who believes in Peace Through Strength and isn’t afraid to use it.

And we stand behind you all the way President Trump! Go get’em!



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