BREAKING! Guy Who Broke Susan Rice Story Just Broke Another Big One

I think we can all agree when we say that this has been one heck of a dramatic week for our nation. From finding out who ordered the unmasking of Trump and his officials, to the official White House stunning photographs surfacing from President Trump and our dear Melania. And a lot of sparks have been flying here and there about what is going to happen next, now that we know that Susan Rise is the one responsible for an unthinkable act.

The week has without a doubt, been a busy one for the journalist Mike Cernovich, who happened to report and break down the news of Susan Rice, as he has now resurfacecd with even another breaking story.

Cernovich took it to twitter to report the breaking news that the Obama administration not only abused their power to spy on Trump, but they additionally spied on Erik Prince and Sean Hannity.

It seems like the living-hell of a week for the Democrats is not going to be ending any time soon with reports like these coming in to make their matters worse.

Cernovich has done a wonderful job on covering these types of stories, and for that, he was even acknowledged and congratulated by Donald Trump Jr. on twitter, who added that โ€œIn a long gone time of unbiased journalism heโ€™d win the Pulitzer, but not today!โ€

Share this article and spread the word, and let us all hope that news like these keep coming in so that the Obama administration will be behind bars as soon as possible.

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