CNN Wasn’t Ready For What This Longtime Trump Critic Said On Live TV

CNN political analyst David Gregory stuns his own colleagues by defending President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump has been so successful at making America great again during his initial months in office that even some of his most vocal critics are starting to see the light. However, CNN isn’t quite ready to give him credit, so the network was stunned by what a longtime critic of the president said on live television.

“If you look at Russia, you know he’s actually doing some pretty sophisticated things here,” said CNN political analyst David Gregory, the former Meet the Press host who spent much of the 2016 presidential campaign disparaging Trump. “Maybe embracing NATO is not something that Vladimir Putin is going to like, you know, so he’s taking steps to ramp up the pressure on Russia in a way that we didn’t think he was willing to do.”

Gregory was referencing the president’s condemnation of Russia for allying itself with Bashar al-Assad following the Syrian dictator’s attack on his own people using severe chemical weapons banned by the UN. Trump has also embraced NATO, an organization which Putin is reportedly not fond of, effectively showing the Russian president who’s boss.

Host Chris Cuomo, notably taken aback by his colleague’s praise for Trump, tried to sour his attitude by using the left’s chosen narrative in response to the air strike Trump waged on a Syrian airfield last week. Cuomo said the president’s motivation for launching the assault against Assad is still unknown, which is a bogus argument, at best. We have all seen the photographs of dead children lying lifeless in their parents’ arms following the fatal sarin gas attack; to deny this actually happened is inexcusable. Not buying Cuomo’s argument, Gregory said Trump had “sent a strong political statement” to Syria.

“[Trump’s] taken a very limited action, but it sends an incredibly strong message to our adversaries in the world, who are paying attention, believe me,” retired Gen. Jack Keane said last week. “We have a decisive president who is going to act on behalf of U.S. national interests and the interests of our allies.” David Gregory appears to agree.

Considering Keane’s previous defenses of Trump’s policies, his statement was unsurprising. The same could not be said of Gregory’s unexpected praise.

The former Meet the Press host is the same individual who last year slammed Trump’s proposed border wall as a “stupid wall,” and who earlier this year accused the White House of wanting “to create a ministry of propaganda.”

Not only has he begun praising Trump in what is a surprise turnabout, but he has taken to slamming the administration of former President Barack Obama for having falsely claimed that all the chemical weapons in Syria were gone. [Source: Western Journalism]

Once again, President Trump is doing exactly what he promised he would; namely, uniting Americans from opposite sides of the aisle over the common objective of doing what is best for our country first, and then, the world. While some on the left may not be willing to embrace him just yet, the fact that people like David Gregory are now giving him credit is a decent start. We can only go up from here.



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