Georgia Welfare Queens Are Told They Are No Longer Eligible For Food Stamps – Watch How They React…

During the last eight years, while Barack Hussein Obama was our President, millions of people were placed on welfare, and forced the working class Americans to pay their bills. That was unacceptable! The American working class has had enough and elected Donald Trump to save them from Obama’s failed policies. Right after president Trump took the office, some welfare leeches learn the hard way that their free meal tickets are over.

This week, the new rules were put in place in Georgia forcing able-bodied adults without children to find jobs in order to be given food stamps. Since the people in the video below did not find jobs in time, their food stamps were taken away, and they were not happy about it.

Truth Monitor reports that State Rep. David Clark, R-Buford, led the charge on this, arguing that it’s time for Georgia to crack down on those abusing the welfare system.

“This is going to make people step up and look for a job,” he said.

Clark himself added that he will support the legislation expected next session to expand the work requirement for food stamps to the entire nation. Which is totally fair!

Welfare was meant to be a helping hand not a career, like it has become for some.

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