Mattis Just Looked DIRECTLY Into the Camera and RUINED This Liberal Reporter

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis held a press conference today in San Francisco where he fielded reporters’ questions on the current state of affairs in America.

Many questions were about his opinion on the behind the scenes military happenings regarding North Korea and their conflict with President Trump.

One reporter thought he could trip Mattis up by asking him to say something that would reassure the skeptical people of the San Francisco Bay area that President Trump’s administration can adequately handle the current conflict with North Korea. Mattis gives a great answer.

Mattis assures the reporter that in no way is President Trump’s administration ill equipped to handle the issue at hand and that there are multiple channels of this administration that are handling the conflict from different angles in the manner most effective for our country.

Mattis’ answer to the next question blew us away. A reporter asks if we are ready to defend ourselves against an attack from North Korea and how we would handle it.

“…I don’t tell the enemy in advance what I’m going to do. Our readiness – we are ready.”

This is a PERFECT response from a brilliant war strategist. Trump picked the perfect person to lead the Department of Defense!

Do you think Mattis is doing a good job? Comment below!

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