Melania Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement About Barron

Once again, little Barron Trump is unnecessarily in the oppressive Liberal spotlight just because they hate his father.

The mainstream media and the liberal hordes it encourages have no moral standards when it comes to harassing an innocent child.

First Lady Melania Trump told US Weekly that the situation has gotten so bad, she can’t even take Barron to school any longer.

A family source said pre-inauguration, Melania would shuttle her son in a chauffeured SUV to and from his private school. But after picketers took up residence outside her building, Melania has to let the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him.

The article further revealed that, despite their great wealth, Barron is not raised by a nanny or other hired hands.

He is raised by his father and mother, and attends school with other children, rather than being privately tutored.

The fact of the matter is that all the Trump children were raised that way.

And they have all attributed their success and down-to-earth characters to the direct involvement of their father and different mothers in their lives.

But rather than focusing on how President Trump and Melania are regular, loving parents, the media sees fit to attack this poor child.

And that encourages the liberal mobs to do the same, putting Barron in physical danger and causing this child what we can only imagine is emotional hardship.

Shame on them.



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