Last weeks events were as as shocking as ever. We found out who the mastermind behind the unmasking was. Susan Rice, Obama’s former security adviser had a lot of charges on her head. But things got a bit quiet about this topic. Well Gowdy is here to make sure it doesn’t stay that way.

According to The Daily Caller, Judge Andrew Napolitano publicly explained how Rice will meet her end. Trey Gowdy can easily send her in jail for numerous reasons. All he needs is a cross examination from the House Intelligence Committee. In an interview with Fox News, he also explained how they are going to set a trap for her. She will at some point be prosecuted, he added.

It’s simple. Rice was under oath. If you lie under oath you are potentially misleading. Both the Congress and the public. And it’s just like Napolitano said. Senator Rand Paul asked for Rice to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. And the Russian 2016 election is connected to this. They will dig deep to find every answer they need.

Here is the video:

And the mostly anticipated question will be asked. “Was President Obama the one that asked her to do it?” Tell us in the comments below.



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